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Palms – is very popular branch of art and their weaving traditions are particularly appropriate to Vilnius region. The palms of Stanislava Rynkevič and her daughter Alina Alencinovič are very popular, and  traditions seek the beginning of 19 century, when people started weave Palms at Vaivadiškės countryside near Vilnius City.

       Mrs Marija Višnevska passed on the torch to her daughters and granddaughters.

       Palms are weaving of dried flowers and rye, which are selected during different seasons of the year in the fields or sowing in the garden. Herbage are tied and drying in the loft. Formerly people used only natural colour herbage for weaving palms, and only in the beginning of 20 century they started to paint them different colours using the aniline paint usually. The process of palms weaving is not very confusing. At the staff of 30-50 cm length are staking up different herbage (before they must be moisten in order not to rupture). Palms are different colours and forms.

        Easter ritual begin on the Sunday of Easter, and for this day are preparing the most Palms. After Palms dedication, on Good Friday, according tradition, people are whipping with htem, after all palms are suspended under the roof and according traditions they protect household from evils and disasters.

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